I, Destini is an animated documentary that explores the poignant and imaginative illustrations of a youth grappling with the effects of having an incarcerated loved one. 

Each shot of the film, word written, and frame animated was born from a series of creative workshops between Nicholas Pilarski, Destini Riley (13 years old when film began production), and her family. From this collaboration, an autobiographical film was created where Destini explores issues relating to race, class, media, and over policing in her community of Durham, North Carolina, United States of America.



If you were touched by our film, you can help directly by making it possible for Destini to be the first in her family to attend college. 100% of proceeds go to Destini's college fund.

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Ready to take the next step? Connect with us on social media, and reach out to other social justice driven organizations that do work relating to issues covered in the film.

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